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Known issues in 4.24.2157 | View this entry. This entry is pinned to this user's NeoJournal. Learn more

Read this entry to know about the known issues for this current build.

i installed neojournal onto my own personal neocities. | View this entry

it can be a little bit tedious but i wanted to do it so i can test it how users of it will feel like. my site

NeoJournal alpha 4.24 build 2157 released now | View this entry

You can now download the new version (and the first build) of NeoJournal to install to your own web site.

How to use NeoJournal | View this entry

Welcome to NeoJournal, a simple webjournal, blog, and webzine software designed for use on static web site hosting platforms like Neocities.

NeoJournal 4.24.2157