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How to use NeoJournal

Welcome to NeoJournal, a simple webjournal, blog, and webzine software designed for use on static web site hosting platforms like Neocities. This is an in-depth guide on how to use NeoJournal.

First off: the steps to take in order to install NeoJournal to your server space.

  1. Upon downloading from the NeoJournal web site, extract the ZIP archive to your desired directory.
  2. Upload the extracted files to the desired drive or directory of your server space.
That's all it takes to install it to your server.

To add an entry, just edit "entrytemplate.html" and save as "entry(next number).html"
After this, to add the entry onto your NeoJournal's homepage, duplicate the "entry-listing" DIV, position it above the last one, and change the values in the "entry-title" SPAN, link to new entry, and entry description accordingly. After this, change the Latest Entry link in the "journal-nav" of every homepage DIV to your new entry.

To change the theme of your NeoJournal, all you have to do is change the stylesheet link in line 5 of each page to the desired theme file (.css) in the themes directory.

All you need to know to effectively use NeoJournal is basic HTML and CSS. You can even make your own themes and pages for your NeoJournal.

You can even upload photos to your NeoJournal. Just upload any supported (by your host) image straight into the "static" directory on your server space, then use the img tag to add them into your entries.

NeoJournal 4.24.2157